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Pro Telecom Solutions Data, Fiber, and Satalite Testing Equipment

Our staff has experience using all different types testing equipment for the different telecommunication technologies we work with. We take pride in providing our customers with industry leading know-how to bring the maximum amount of success to our projects. We continually push our team to advance their knowledge in all of the latest and greatest of the data, fiber, and satellite testing equipment. In turn this provides our clientele with the proper testing during the setup, installation, and completion of your project. We keep our clients informed of all of our test results which further solidifies their comfort in knowing their project has been successfully completed. Here is the all of the different testing equipment that is currently in use by Pro Telecom Solutions:


Fluke DTX-1800

As the testing platform for today and tomorrow, this revolutionary new future-proof platform significantly reduces total time to certify by improving every aspect of the testing process. With over 40,000 units in use today, the DTX Series is clearly the industry's choice as the most trusted cable certifier.

  • 9-second Cat 6 Auto-test to meet TIA-568-C and ISO 11801:2002 certification requirements and receive structured cabling warranties faster than ever
  • The highest accuracy using a standards-compliant, electrically-centered permanent link test adapter.
  • Measures 10 Gig cable performance and Alien Crosstalk (ANEXT and AFEXT) in full compliance with the industry standards up to 500 MHz
  • AC Wire map feature validates for Power over Ethernet services in accordance with TIA/EIA standards, even if a Mid-span power supply is used


Fluke DSP-100

The DSP-100 enables you to certify network cabling at the touch of a button. Based on Fluke Networks' superior digital test technology, the DSP-100 fully complies with all current test standards. It also offers powerful diagnostic capabilities such as the "Time Domain Crosstalk" (TDXT) Analyzer, which quickly pinpoints subtle defects resulting from bad connections, poor workmanship, or improper cabling. The DSP-100 Cable Meter is classified by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) to deliver TSB-67 Accuracy Level II for the Basic Link and Channel.


Corning UniCam®

The ideal solution and most cost effective connector of all fiber applications for all of the field-installable connector requirements. The UniCam® Connector is the, from the main cross-connect to the workstation. This enables our technicians to work efficiently and accurately allowing us to keep our customer’s costs down. And unlike other no-epoxy, field-installable connectors, the UniCam® Connector requires no polishing.


Fujikura 17S Fusion Splicer

Establishes a new standard for single fiber, “fixed v-groove” type fusion splicers. A host of improvements include a 35-second tube heater, dual position monitor, and longer battery life. The real time arc calibration feature makes field maintenance easier than ever. The FSM-17S utilizes a fiber holder system making the splicing process extremely simple for our technicians. The FSM-17S is well suited for FTTX applications as well.


Anritsu MT9083 Series ACCESS Master

Technicians maintaining diverse systems carry equipment including OTDRs, Light Sources, Optical Power Meters, Visible Light Sources, etc., as well as a notebook computer for evaluating the FTTx QoS. Core and backbone networks utilize long fibers while optical access networks use short fibers, both requiring different types of measuring instruments with different performance. Anritsu's new line of MT9083 ACCESS Master OTDRs solves all these problems by providing all the measurement functions and performance required for optical fiber construction and maintenance in a compact, lightweight, all-in-one unit.


Fluke DSP-4300

The DSP-4000 Series can boost your bottom line by providing fast, accurate testing of high-performance Cat 5e, Cat 6 and fiber optic cabling. Equipped with an exclusive digital platform, this series of testers ensures repeatable accuracy, no matter how many times you retest a link. With high-bandwidth test capabilities to 350 MHz, superior diagnostics and extensive reporting, the DSP-4000 Series provides you with a complete solution for testing, certifying and documenting copper and fiber. The DSP-4300 is the most comprehensive cable testing and certification solution for high-speed copper and fiber networks available.


Noyes Fiber OPM1-2C

Noyes Fiber OPM1-2C Optical Power Meter from AFL Telecommunications is designed for measuring optical power in premises, telco, or broadband fiber optic networks. When used with an LED or Laser light source, the OPM 1 can also measure the attenuation (insertion loss) of multimode or single mode cables.


Fluke Visifault VFL

You can diagnose and repair simple fiber link problems with Fluke Networks' VisiFault™ Visual Fault Locator (VFL). The laser-powered VisiFault locates fibers, verifies continuity and polarity, and helps find breaks in cables, connectors and splices. Continuous and flashing modes make for easier identification. Compatible with 2.5mm and 1.25mm connectors for easy connection.


Trilithic 860

A cable analyzer and CATV meter that performs transmission and signal quality tests for analog and digital HSD and VoIP services

  • Fast and powerful, Trilithic's popular 860 DSPi offers a versatile solution for changing business needs.
  • Use a single instrument for all the critical transmission and signal quality tests needed to install and maintain analog, digital, HSD and VoIP services
  • DSP technology for quick, accurate measurements and high tech productivity, we can serve you quicker and with better results
  • The first handheld field analyzer with an optional embedded CableLabs® certified DOCSIS 3.0 modem.
  • Tests DOCSIS, cable modem performance and VoIP quality analysis to DOCSIS 3.0 levels. With versatile capabilities ranging from triple play signal analysis for installations to a wide range of plant maintenance tests, this analyzer has an adaptable platform which grows to meet the needs of technicians at every tier. Employing an internet browser and server, it functions to integrate with OSS and Workforce Management software.


Sadelco DisplayMax 800CLI

The DisplayMax 800CLI is powerful enough to maintain the head end. With a wide range of measurement options, a technician can quickly check an individual channel, favorite channels, all channels, tilt, leakage, ingress, C/N or HUM.


Super Buddy 29

The Super Buddy 29 satellite signal level meter has an internal combo 21 volt / 29 volt module to power the new DIRECTV SWM LNBs and the WildBlue / Telesat / Xplornet TRIAs.

  • Positive ID feature or automatic scan to identify the unknown satellite
  • Geo-sensitive field guide shows us just the birds visible to the install, locating all of them and their individual transponders
  • Positively identifies the satellite, displays measurements include signal level (dBm), quality (IRD or C/N), voltage supplied by the receiver, current drawn by LNB, and L.O. frequency drift of the LNB.
  • Compatible with single and multi-LNB configurations
  • Navigates easily from bird to bird with left/right arrows and through the individual transponders with up/down arrows
  • Zip-code lookup gives us elevation and azimuth for whichever satellite to be selected
  • Installs and configures quickly with lasting reliability.



The Aim (Advanced Installation Meter) is a DIRECTV Specific satellite installation meter, that tunes to ANY DIRECTV Transponder - national and local spot beams. Powers all LNBS including SL3 SWM and SL5 SWM. Measure cable resistance, in-line current, voltage, 22 kHz tone and DiSEqC messages. USB port for transferring data to a flash drive and for updating firmware.

Structured Cabling Portfolio

Pro Telecom Solutions has extensive experience working with clients of all shapes and sizes. We guide and manage the solution that fits our clients needs and budget. Our projects range from small office solutions to full enterprise solutions.

  • Terminate Station Cabling

    Terminate Station Cabling - Terminate all the station cabling.

    Pro Telecom was brought in by one of our competitors to terminate all phone block station cabling when they realized that they lacked the capabilities to finish the job.

  • Technology Upgrade for Wilton Station HOA

    Data Cabling Project - Technology Upgrade for Wilton Station HOA

    Pro Telecom Solutions was selected to complete a much-needed technology upgrade for the Homeowners Association of Wilton Station in Wilton Manor, Florida.

  • Surveillance System Productivity Monitoring


    Surveillance System Productivity Monitoring Equipment installed for Fortune 100 Company at their major southeastern US distribution center as part of a significant expansion.

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